Dutch Roots Tours


Dutch Roots Tours is a company, or rather, a passion of Jan Deelstra.
“I established Dutch Roots Tours because I love giving my clients the gift of experiences that will stay with them throughout their lives. I strongly believe that being in touch with your roots is of immense value. In 2013 I wrote a book about the history of my own family and discovered how worthwhile it is to know where you come from. That was the starting point of guiding relatives from all over the world, showing them where their ancestors lived. That’s the origin of Dutch Roots Tours. Now it seems that everything I collected and developed during my life is coming together: my international background, my experience as a world traveler, and my interest in genealogy, history, culture, people, stories, and of course the love for my homeland, the Netherlands. One thing I’ve learned: prepare to be surprised at what you might find!”

Jan’s team shares the same values: curiosity, enthusiasm, friendliness, humor, safety, and integrity.


No two programs are the same and that is exactly what we like about our job. Our team will come alongside you to create your unique, personalized trip. The first step is to ask you a lot of questions. The second step is to make a proposal. After steps one and two, we can begin planning your trip.

Let’s start with an email and a chat
The best way to start the process of making a personalized trip is by sending us an email or submitting the form on contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions. The best way to continue is planning a call so we can explore what you are looking for. We want to hear more about your needs, your pace, your interests, your budget, and more. Would you like to primarily focus on your roots or would you like to include a tour of the country?

Off to the research department
If you consider using our services, we would like to learn more about the history of your family. Based on the information you share with us, we begin our research. If we have enough clues we will continue drafting a rough program. If not, we will let you know and we discuss what the budget might be to do further research.

For more information about in-depth genealogical research and other services visit: www.dutchrootsexplorer.com

Then it comes to co-creation
Once we have a rough program, we will contact you again to start the process of co-creation. Where will you go, who will you meet, what will you do, and where will you stay?

We will make a proposal and you adjust it and agree
We will send you an itinerary. It will include a price and it will be clear what is included and what is not. If you still have questions or concerns, please let us know. Whether it is the program, the pace, the accommodation or the price, don’t hesitate to share it with us. Does it meet your approval? Great! We look forward to seeing you in the Netherlands.

Get excited and prepare yourself
Now we both enter the most difficult phase …. waiting. We cannot wait to welcome you ‘back’ to the Netherlands!

For more information also see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

“Preparing the trip with you was part of the fun and  made us eager to go!”
Family Parrick – Australia