Dutch Roots Tours is a company, or rather, a passion of Jan Deelstra.
“I established Dutch Roots Tours because I love giving my clients the gift of experiences that will stay with them throughout their lives. I strongly believe that being in touch with your roots is of immense value. In 2013 I wrote a book about the history of my own family and discovered how worthwhile it is to know where you come from. That was the starting point of guiding relatives from all over the world, showing them where their ancestors lived. That’s the origin of Dutch Roots Tours. Now it seems that everything I collected and developed during my life is coming together: my international background, my experience as a world traveler, and my interest in genealogy, history, culture, people, stories, and of course the love for my homeland, the Netherlands. One thing I’ve learned: prepare to be surprised at what you might find!”
Jan’s team shares the same values: curiosity, enthusiasm, friendliness, humor, safety, and integrity.