Dutch Roots Tours


Designed around your interests and the history of your family, we offer you a guided trip, custom-designed to fit your wishes. Your guide will drive you around by car or assist you in exploring towns and rural areas by foot, bike, or boat. He or she will offer historical insight and rich experiences, share his or her expertise and local connections, and will open doors that normally remain closed.

You will be able to meet locals and see sights related to your family history, places such as houses, farms, churches, shops, companies, cemeteries, and pubs. Visiting local or regional historical exhibitions, societies and museums, archives, or libraries can also be part of your tour. The same goes for attending church services, festivals, or concerts. And we will always try to find people who are connected to your roots or can tell you more about the town or region where your ancestors lived.


Apart from connecting you to your Dutch roots, we love guiding you through more of our beautiful and historic country, either separately or as an integrated part of your Dutch Roots Tour. Our tours not only involve the usual highlights such as viewing works by Rembrandt and cruising canals, but allow a unique and off-the-grid perspective by talking with local people, traveling by boat and bike, taking the scenic side roads, going inside houses, farms, windmills and factories, and enjoying Dutch food and drink.



Before your journey begins it is important to research the history of the family (or families) on which you would like to focus. Based upon the information you provide (names, dates, family trees, pictures, letters, addresses), we will do further research. We rely on a big Dutch network, and also dive into the regional and local archives. What we discover is the source of the personalized tour designed just for you.

For more information about in-depth genealogical research and other services visit: www.dutchrootsexplorer.com

Develop a Personalized Tour
We put all the names, dates, places, pictures, maps and stories together and use this to create your personalized Dutch Roots Tour. The itinerary will be drafted in close cooperation with you. If you’d like to see more of the country, we will take suggestions based upon your interest, needs, and ideal pace.
We are also available for booking accommodation, renting bikes, buying entry tickets, arranging local guides, or boat tours. And of course we will provide all the documents, pictures, and genealogical information our researchers uncover during the research phase.

Be Your Guide
Your guide, who is your host, driver and interpreter, will know the ins and outs of your program and can tell you all about Dutch culture and history, as well as the surrounding landscape. He or she will provide all the services you might expect from a good guide: from offering an insider’s perspective into the Netherlands, to buying entry tickets. Our guides are passionate about their work; for them, it’s all about the fun of discovery as well! Our guides are flexible and good improvisers; they will know when to be there for you, and when to give you some space.

“We truly appreciate your
assistance in putting together a
wonderful experience. Our tour
was memorable in every way!”

Family Currey, Australia