Dutch Roots Tours



Have you ever wanted to learn more about your Dutch heritage? It is our passion to guide you in a discovery of the Netherlands with a private tour designed specifically around the history of your family.

We give you the opportunity to walk in your ancestors’ footsteps. What would it be like to stroll through your ancestral hometown, visit the church your great-grandparents attended, or talk to a historian who can connect your roots to the history of a region, town, or village? If your grandfather played the organ in the church and your grandmother was a weaver, we will find ways to let you experience the past yourself.

And of course we can show you as much as you like of beautiful Holland. We will help you discover the hidden gems hard to find on your own. We love making connections between the present and the past, making your visit not just a tour, but also an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Maybe you even see a bit of yourself in the people and land! So sit back, relax, and enjoy as you learn more about your past.

“Thank you Dutch Roots Tours for discovering the house where my ancestors lived in the 19th century! Your attention to detail is exceptional.”
Family VanderMeer – USA


Designed around your interests and the history of your family, we offer you a guided trip, custom-designed to fit your wishes. Your guide will drive you around by car or assist you in exploring towns and rural areas by foot, bike, or boat. You will be able to meet locals and see sights related to your family history, places such as houses, farms, churches, shops, companies, cemeteries, and pubs. Visiting local or regional historical exhibitions, societies and museums, archives, or libraries can also be part of your tour.


Before your journey begins we do research on the history of the family (or families) on which you would like to focus. We put all the names, dates, places, pictures, maps and stories together and use this as a starting point to create your personalized Dutch Roots Tour. Your guide knows the ins and outs of your program and can also tell you all about Dutch culture, history, landscape, etc. He or she will provide all the services you might expect from a good guide; from offering an insider’s perspective into the Netherlands to buying entry tickets.